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Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Zonal Level Geeta Chanting Competition

  On 23rd December 2018, Zonal Level Geeta Chanting Competition was conducted in Vidyalaya. In this program 28 students from five VKV's of Southern Assam Cluster have participated. 18th Chapter Slokas of Bhagabat Geeta were chanted by the students. As judges for the competition, Sri Govind Sharma sir (Assistant Professor of Assam University, Sanskrit department), Sri Ranjit Tiwari (Assistant Professor of Women's College, Sanskrit Department), Sri Nidhubhusan Das from Sanskrit Bharati, Sri Giridhari Mishra from Gayatri Chetana Kendra were present. Sri Joydeep Bhattacharjee (Assistant Professor of Commerse Department, G.C College) was present in Valedictory program.   Competition was conducted in Three Levels as Junior Group (From Class III-V) , Sub Junior Group (From Class VI- VIII) and Senior Group (Class IX-X). 
Students of VKV Ramnagar Kaushiki Bhattacharjee secured Proficiency prize and K. Bapu Singha secured Participation prize in Junior group. From Sub Junior group Kh. Purenbi Singha secured Participation Prize. From Senior group Joyeeta Das secured participation prize.  

Student participating in the Geeta Chanting Competition

Moment  of felicitation of  Sri Ranjit Tiwari sir
(Assistant Professor of Women's College, Sanskrit Department)
Winners of VKV Ramnagar standing with respected judges and Chieg Guest
Sri Govind Sharma and Sri Joydeep Bhattacharjee