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Thursday, November 30, 2017

Gita Jayanti Observation

  On 30th November 2017, Gita Jayanti is observed in Vidyalaya.  Sri Gobind Sharma sir (Assistant Professor of Assam University, Sanskrit Department) was present as Chief Guest. Various programs were there on the occasion. Students of Class VII presented the opening song. Class VI students Chanted Sloka Of Gita. Student of Class VIII Saswati Dutta spoke on the significance of the day. Conversation on Bhagawat Gita was presented by Class VIII students. Class V students also presented one song. Sri Gobind Sharma sir in his speech spoke on the Universal message of Bhagawat Gita. He explained how it is giving us guidance in our all works and living a disciplined life.   

Sri Gobind Sharma Sir (Assistant Professor of Assam University, Sanskrit Department) giving speech on the occasion.

Class VII students presenting song

Class VI students chanting Gita

Conversation between students of Class VIII on Bhagawat Gita