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Saturday, October 21, 2017

Universal Brotherhood Day Celebration

  On 11th September 2017, Universal  Brotherhood  Day was celebrated in Vidyalaya in grand manner. Sri Jashabanta Roy (Head of Department of Philosophy, Radhamadhav College) was present as Chief Guest. Program started by the floral tribute to Swamiji’s portrait. Class V students presented the opening song beautifully. Then KG and Class I students presented one action Rhyme. Guru Bhajan was presented by Class I students. Class II students presented one Semi Classical Dance. Swami Vivekananda’s Chicago Speech was presented by Class V student Debita Singha. Dance Drama was performed by Class IV and V students. Prajapati dance was performed beautifully by Class II students. Sri Jashabanta Roy sir in his speech explained the words ‘Universal’ and ‘Brotherhood’. He said that Swami Vivekananda stressed on ‘Oneness’ that we all are one, though different but our goal and our main attainment is same. Then Patriotic Dance was presented by Class IV and V students.  Patriotic song was sung by Class II, II and IV students. Program concluded with Shanti Path.

Opening song presentation by Class V students.

action Rhyme by KG and I students.

Prajapati Dance by Class II  students.

Patriotic Dance by Class IV and V students

Patriotic song presentation by students of Vidyalaya.
Moment of Felicitation of  Sri Jashabanta Roy (Head of Department of Philosophy, Radhamadhav College)