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Friday, January 27, 2017

Republic Day Celebration

On 26th January 2016,  Republic Day  was celebrated in Vidyalaya with great pomp and snow. At 8am retired HOD of Physics Department of Cachar College Sri Amalemdu Chakraborty hoisted the Tri-colour. On the occasion Class IX and X girls of Vidyalaya presented a petriotic song. Speech was given by Adriza Das of Class X. After that Amalendu Sir blessed the students and spoke about Republic Day. Group Dance was presented by Class IV and V students. Prizes of Annual Sports and CCA were distributed to students by Sri Amalendu Chakraborty Sir and  respected  Principal Sir of Vidyalaya Sri Shasanka Roy.

 Flag Hoisting on Republic Day by Sri Amalendu Chakraborty (Retired HOD of Physics Department, Cachar College) 

Song Presentation by Class IX and X students on the occasion

Moment of Dance Presentation by Class IV and V students on Republic Day

Prize Distribution by Sri Amalendu Chakraborty (Retired HOD of Physics Department, Cachar College)

Prize Distribution by Principal Sir of Vidyalaya Sri Shasanka Roy

Monday, January 23, 2017

Netaji Jayanti Observation

On 23rd January 2017 Netaji Jayanti was celebrated in Vidyalaya.  Speech was given by Rittika Acharjee of Class V on the occasion. On the occasion a Skit on  the topic "Save Water" was presented by KG students of Vidyalaya. Students of Class III presented a group song. Class V students of Vidyalaya also presented a group song.

Moment of Skit Presentation by KG Students of Vidyalaya

Moment of Skit Presentation by KG Students of Vidyalaya

Song Presentation by Students of Class III

Song Presentation by Students of Class V

Friday, January 20, 2017

Swami Vivekananda Jayanti Celebration

12th January 2017 was celebrated as Swami Vivekananda Jayanti in vidyalaya. On that day various programs were kept in Vidyalaya. For Morning Shift  Students , Annual Cultural Program was kept. After Pushpanjali students of Day Shift went for a Rally with a Tablo to join the Procession organized by Ramkrishna Misson, Silchar .

Vivekananda Kendra Vidyalaya Tablo going for the Rally organized by Ramkrishna Misson Silchar

Students of Vidyalaya attending Rally organized by Ramkrishna Misson Silchar 

Annual Day Celebration

  On 11th January 2017, Annual day was celebrated by Vidyalaya. On the occasion many events were there including Songs, Traditional Dances, Recitation, Drama etc by Students of Vidyalaya. followed by Prize Distribution Ceremony of Annual Sports Week. On the occasion Smt. Arundhati Bhattacharjee (Associate Professor and Head of English Department of Women's College and Sri Animesh Deb( Renowned TV and Radio Vocalist of Silchar) were present as Resource Persons.

Moment of Classical Dance presented by Students of Vidyalaya.

Moment of Drama named "Icche Puron" presented by Students of Vidyalaya

Students Receiving Prize from Guest Sri Animesh Deb
(Renowned TV and Radio Vocalist of Silchar)

Saturday, January 7, 2017

12th Annual Sports Week Celebration

 12th Annual Sports Week is celebrated by Vidyalaya from 3rd January to 6th January 2016. The program started with the Inaugral Ceremony. Dr Bibhas Deb (Former Director of College Development Council AUS) was present as the Chief Guest. Smt Nilima Bhattacharjee (Former Principal of D.N.N.K Girls' HS School) was Present as Guest of honour. On the occasion students of Vidyalaya presented opening song on sports day. Principal Sir of Vidyalaya  Sri Shasanka Roy welcomed everyone and Falicetated the guests in that auspicious occasion. all Dignetories inspected  Four Troops. After that MarchFast was presented by Four Houses i,e Vayu, Prithvi, Jal and Agni Houses. After that Band Display was presented by Class VII and Class VIII students. Class II and II students presented MPT and Class IV and V students presented Yoga, Marshal Art on the occasion. Motivational Speech was given by Chief Guest Dr. Bibhas Deb and then he announced the Game Open by Lighting the Mashal. The Best player of Last year Sports Week Roushan Singha of Class X  ran the field with Mashal. The Inaugral Program concluded with Shanti Path.
After that Various Events of Sports week started and students of Vidyalaya participated with Full enthusiasm. Some events were also kept for parents. They also participated in various events on the Inaugral Day.

Moment of March Fast by Vayu House of Vidyalaya

Band Display by Class VII and VIII students of Vidyalaya

Chief Guest Dr Bibhas Deb(Former Director of College Development Council AUS) Inspecting the Four Troops

Moment of MPT presented by Class II and III students of Vidyalaya

Moment of students participating in the Sports Events
Moment of Parents participating in the 200M Race


Kalpataru Diwas Observation

Kalpataru Diwas was observed in Vidyalaya on 2nd January. Class X students presented a group song on the day. One student of Class VII of Vidyalaya Inuangbi Singha given speech on the occasion. On the occasion Dr Jayati Chakraborty who is working in Women's College as Assistant Professor of Bengali Department was present. She explained about the importance of the day and also explained about the contribution of India in the field of Literature.   
Song presentation by Class X students of Vidyalaya

Speech given by Dr Jayati Chakraborty (Assistant Professor of Bengali Department of Women's College)